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  • TAKE IT OR LEAVE IT (Credits)

  • Produced by Tino Izzo
    Arrangements Tino Izzo (except for A NATURAL WOMAN arranged by Saby Buccella)
    All Brass arrangements by Saby Buccella

  • String orchestration on 2020 by Saby Buccella
    Guitars: Tino Izzo
    Keyboards: Tino Izzo, Saby Buccella
    Benjamin Deschamps: Tenor Sax and Baritone

  • Domenic Rossi: Trumpet

  • Mathieu Van Vliet : Trombone
    Bass guitar: Tino Izzo
    Drums and percussion: Bob Telaro
    Lead Vocals: Annie Major-Matte, Mimmo Oliveri, Tino Izzo
    Back Vocals: Annie Major-Matte, Audrey Gagnon, Mimmo Oliveri, Tino Izzo, Bob Telaro
    Recorded at Blueroom Studio Montreal by Tino Izzo
    Drums recording and final drum mixdown at the Ready Room studio in Montreal by Mario Telaro
    Brass recorded at Mixart Studio by Boris Petrowski
    Mixed at Blueroom Studio Montreal by Tino Izzo and Bob Telaro
    Executive Producer: Tab Records Inc. C 2021.
    Label: TAB RECORDS.
    Publisher: Bloc Notes Music except for A Natural Woman: Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC             
    Mastering: Tino Izzo Blueroom Studio 

  • Album artwork: Rosanna Ciciola




IBC               SHOW

IZZO BLUES COALITION (IBC) from Montreal headed by acclaimed Canadian contemporary blues/rock guitar master, singer, songwriter and producer Tino Izzo and long-time partner, drummer Bob Telaro. This sharp-edged blues project, who is joined on bass guitar by Domenic Romanelli, dubbed the IZZO BLUES COALITION delivers on its promise delivering a genuine live electric blues experience. Izzo delivers on all fronts with his characteristic fingerpicking technique and his free flow immaculate playing, providing a electrifying live experience that highlights this Billboard Choice Award winner’s distinct passion as a player. It’s not only about technique or tone, but it’s also the feeling and precision that Izzo effortlessly spreads with his guitar on songs such as “Crossroads” and an absolutely blistering version of Stevie Ray Vaughan’s high-octane instrumental “Scuttle Buttin’” and his childhood hero Johnny Winter with “Rock Me Baby”. This powerhouse unit is rock solid and Izzo’s guitar IQ is through the roof delivering strong on their signature style of Blues Rock. The band released its debut album in 2019 “COMPLICATED MAN” and has just released its sophomore album “TAKE IT OR LEAVE IT” on October 1, 2021.


The Live show is available in a few configurations from a three piece raw Blues Rock ensemble all the way to a nine piece full killer band, with Brass, keys and guest singers…hence the “Coalition”. (Also available as a four, five or six piece) Working with a rotating cast of singers, musicians, Izzo and Telaro create a celebratory atmosphere of Live music that deftly navigate the side-by-side, sonic neighborhoods of contemporary blues, blues rock and traditional blues. “Ripping guitar riffs, hot-as-hell horns, a torqued, musclebound rhythm section, firestarter vocals and the swagger of rhythm and blues masters delivering the goods with confidence and precision.” The extra-tasty setlist consists of some of the undisputed classics in Blues and Blues Rock repertoire, including a few jaw dropping surprises and some IBC originals mixed in… clearly demonstrates the band’s considerable artistry and depth. Rather than an all-out shredfest, the IBC Live experience delivers on sweet phrasing, riff development, strong backbone rhythm and strong vocals in addition to the highvelocity guitar chops. 

Photo By: Sigal Mizrahi

Maple Blues AD.jpg

Photo By: Yiftach Belsky


 IZZO BLUES COALTION (IBC)  The guitar is star  and Izzo illustrates just how good he is. But what's also striking here is his strong compositional and production skills that are highlighted combined with his unmistakable trademark finger picking style. 

"Absolutely Brilliant"

-  Bob Harris BBC Radio 2

Award-Winning Canadian Guitarist / Producer Tino Izzo Starts IZZO BLUES COALITION with Long-Time partner  Bob Telaro.
(Band Started Over a Jam Session & Scotch) — Isn’t That Always The Way?


Izzo Blues Coalition Is Ready to Blues-Rock Your World with “Take It Or Leave It” - 


Ripping guitar riffs, hot-as-hell horns, a torqued, musclebound rhythm section, firestarter vocals and the swagger of rhythm and blues masters delivering the goods with confidence and precision. These key ingredients combine and react for the Izzo Blues Coalition’s explosive new album Take It or Leave It - due October 1, 2021.


Izzo Blues Coalition (IBC) is award winning guitarist, hit songwriter and producer Tino Izzo (Celine Dion/Roch Voisine/Bobby Bazini) and his longtime creative partner, drummer/percussionist Bob Telaro. The new album builds on the ‘coalition’ aspect of the band name with Izzo and Telaro inviting two other lead vocalists, Annie Major-Matte and Mimmo Oliveri, to sing songs. Working with a rotating cast of singers, musicians, engineers and arrangers, Izzo and Telaro created a celebratory atmosphere of music making for their second opus that deftly navigates the side-by-side, sonic neighborhoods of contemporary blues, blues rock and traditional blues.


Conceived and recorded during the heart of our global pandemic, Take It or Leave It was chosen as the new album title for two, life and art-affirming reasons.


“Thematically, the title track deals with the notion that we have no choice but to get up every morning and make the best of it,” says Izzo. “It’s a theme that resonates throughout the album and speaks to our pandemic experiences.”


“Secondly, this collection of songs was conceived for the sheer pleasure of it.”


Izzo and Telaro say that as contemporary blues artists, this album truly represents who they are and where they come from - hence, Take It or Leave It!


The lead single and title track is set to strike the match ahead of firing up the full album with a September 24, 2021 release. An energetic, driving shuffle, “Take It or Leave It” features an off-the-charts vocal performance by Mimmo Oliveri and a huge brass arrangement by Saby Buccella. Buccella is a frequent IBC collaborator who arranges the horns throughout the new album, as well as the symphonic arrangement on the album’s final track, the soaring and emotional instrumental, “2020”. Izzo and Telaro call Buccella “a true musical force to be reckoned with”.


Take It or Leave It is composed of eleven original songs written by Izzo and punctuated by a breathtaking cover of the Carole King/Gerry Goffin/Jerry Wexler classic, “A Natural Woman”, arranged by Buccella and showcasing stunning vocalist Annie Major-Matte’s unbelievable range, tone and precision. “The girl can sing!” notes Izzo.


Izzo’s characteristic fingerpicking technique and immaculate playing are front and center throughout the new album and, along with the production, arrangements and overall vision, provide for a slick and expansive listen that highlights the Billboard Choice Award winner’s distinct intensity and passion.


Take It or Leave It brings a fresh perspective to the contemporary Canadian blues landscape, spotlighting Izzo’s producer chops and the extensive experience the band has accumulated in studio and over numerous live concerts, and most recently, a string of pandemic-necessitated live videos. Izzo Blues Coalition has reached a new plateau of creativity captured in a stellar new album to discover.



​- Born and bred in Montreal, guitarist Tino Izzo may be the best guitarist you've never heard of.
(AllMusic Review by Jonathan Widran )
- The tone this boy gets out of a guitar will make you weep... Izzo holds his own with greats including Metheny and Bird "
 ( Napra Review )
 - Playing multiple guitars… Tino Izzo crafts meticulous compositions... all seared with powerful melodies"  
( Billboard - Critic's Choice )
​- Tino Izzo Guitarist extraordinaire has created a modern guitar lover's dream disc… the sounds on this album transcends description, but hey - this guy is a world class guitar genius and composer… Tino's versatile guitar playing that is both energetic and soothing»
( Leading Edge Review )
- Guitarist extraordinaire Tino Izzo returns...
( Time And A Word )
- Tino Izzo take the listener on a journey through well-charted musical landscapes, by combining different musical styles from a palette of different cultures. Highly recommended.
(Review by Ben Kettlewell )
- Tino transports the listener…Performed so seamlessly here one wonder simultaneously why it hasn't been done before and whether anyone else could pull it off. How sweet the sound indeed " 
( The New Times )
- Canadian guitarist Tino Izzo says there was a dramatic turning point in his long musical career… Instead of being the egocentric guitar wizard, he wanted the soul of the music to speak through his instrument. That philosophy serves him well… The musician has contributed guitar sessions for International superstars as well as composing and producing a string of hit records and six critically acclaimed solo instrumental albums. 
( Visions Magazine-Faith Quintavell ) 



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