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IZZO returns with a shift in 2018.. A new band project called IZZO BLUES COALTION (IBC) An eclectic three piece ensemble... Debut Blues album! COMPLICATED MAN  A rockier funk tinged, Blues, electric vocal album where he serves it up hot!! The guitar is star on this record and he illustrates just how good he is. But what's striking here is his strong compositional and production skills that are highlighted combined with his unmistakable throaty vocal tone on this ground breaking new album. 

"Absolutely Brilliant"

-  Bob Harris BBC Radio 2

A fixture of the Canadian music industry throughout the past two decades, Tino Izzo’s songwriting and production work have garnered widespread praise both at home and abroad. A seasoned multi-instrumentalist and sought-after guitar player, Izzo has written and produced a string of #1 singles and been at the helm of gold and platinum-selling albums for a diverse range of artists. His debut instrumental guitar-based album Blue Desires was awarded with the Billboard Choice award upon its released in the early 90`s, and he has since gone on to release six critically acclaimed instrumental guitar-based records that have received praise from critics and fans alike.


Shifting gears in 2018, Izzo returns with a sharp-edged blues project, dubbed the IZZO BLUES COALITION (IBC). This dynamic three-piece ensemble delivers on a longstanding promise made between Izzo and his longtime right-hand man Bob Telaro to eventually record and tour in support of a bare-bones blues record, marking a return to the live circuit after a decade-spanning tenure behind the boards. This bold foray into long-neglected territory has yielded ‘Complicated Man’, IBC’s expressive and undeniably ballsy debut record. With Izzo’s seasoned, virtuosic guitar chops and trademark throaty vocal delivery backed by Telaro’s recognizably laid-back, heavy-hitting drum work, the album breaks new ground in the Blues Rock landscape. This unhinged collection of inspired blues recordings marries compositional intricacy with technical prowess, making for a streamlined, exhilarating listen that redefines Izzo as a latent blues rock visionary.


This renewed interest in guitar-based arrangements should come as no surprise to those who have been closely following Izzo’s instrumental discography and production work, both of which have consistently employed an organic approach regardless of genre. Having first picked up a six-string at 10 years old, guitar-playing has been Izzo's recurring obsession and an irrevocable facet of his creative process. His initial goal of achieving the epitome of technical skill has over time matured into the belief that expression and listenability should take precedence over flashy affections, and this ethos is evident across 'Complicated Man'. Pairing this intuitive understanding of theoretical side of music with an ear-candy approach to songcraft, IBC sounds like the culmination of a lifelong, genre-spanning obsession with not only the guitar, but music at large.

COMPLICATED MAN is a remarkable collection of raw, powerful blues recordings. 


​- Born and bred in Montreal, guitarist Tino Izzo may be the best guitarist you've never heard of.
(AllMusic Review by Jonathan Widran )
- The tone this boy gets out of a guitar will make you weep... Izzo holds his own with greats including Metheny and Bird "
 ( Napra Review )
 - Playing multiple guitars… Tino Izzo crafts meticulous compositions... all seared with powerful melodies"  
( Billboard - Critic's Choice )
​- Tino Izzo Guitarist extraordinaire has created a modern guitar lover's dream disc… the sounds on this album transcends description, but hey - this guy is a world class guitar genius and composer… Tino's versatile guitar playing that is both energetic and soothing»
( Leading Edge Review )
- Guitarist extraordinaire Tino Izzo returns...
( Time And A Word )
- Tino Izzo take the listener on a journey through well-charted musical landscapes, by combining different musical styles from a palette of different cultures. Highly recommended.
(Review by Ben Kettlewell )
- Tino transports the listener…Performed so seamlessly here one wonder simultaneously why it hasn't been done before and whether anyone else could pull it off. How sweet the sound indeed " 
( The New Times )
- Canadian guitarist Tino Izzo says there was a dramatic turning point in his long musical career… Instead of being the egocentric guitar wizard, he wanted the soul of the music to speak through his instrument. That philosophy serves him well… The musician has contributed guitar sessions for International superstars as well as composing and producing a string of hit records and six critically acclaimed solo instrumental albums. 
( Visions Magazine-Faith Quintavell ) 



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